Natural Gas Distribution Systems

The installation of natural gas piping usually comes in one of two forms: Either the extension of an existing pipe system, or the replacement of a failing system.

Extension of Existing Systems

Most utility providers will allow developers to use specialty contractors to extend their gas piping system. These contractors must be tested and qualified by the supplying utility company, prior to the installation of any piping. If a developer takes this option it can significantly decrease the cost of the installation. But more importantly, the use of specialty contractors can expedite the entire installation process because the work is under the control of the developer and not the supplying utility company.

JARSCO has the equipment and expertise to work with any utility company as a specialty contractor for the installation and testing of the utility company owned gas system. We can also act as a liaison between the developer and the supplying utility company to help ensure a smooth installation.

Replacement of Existing Systems

The replacement of a failing main or series of mains is usually performed on private or master meter natural gas systems. This piping can be found in mobile home parks, military bases, airports, prisons, elementary schools, high schools, universities, industrial complexes, hospitals and municipalities. If properly maintained, gas distribution systems can provide decades of safe, reliable service. However, if a system is under designed or poorly maintained, replacement may be the most cost effective option. Some operators are replacing and upgrading their gas systems during water and electrical upgrades.

JARSCO maintains the personnel and equipment to replace existing mains with minimal disruption of service. In most cases we can replace a main without turning the gas off to the entire system.