Gas Leak Surveys

All operators of jurisdictional gas distribution systems must at various intervals conduct a gas leak survey of the system to ensure that the system is not leaking.

The location, condition, application and population densities are some of the factors that will be considered in the determination of the survey frequency.

Our Services

Over the past 40 years, JARSCO personnel have conducted all phases of gas leak survey in six western states. We have provided surveys to clients that operate multi-state transmission lines to ten-space mobile home parks.

The following are some of the types of surveys we have conducted.

  • Post-Construction Leak Location Surveys
  • Annual, 3-Year & 5-Year Surveys
  • Annual Distribution System Surveys
  • Annual Wall-to-Wall Surveys
  • Pre-Paving Surveys
  • Up-Rate Surveys
  • Post Incident Investigations
  • Emergency Surveys (Earthquake)
  • System Evaluations for Escrow
  • Accidental Over-Pressurization Survey